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  • Different types of club members can take advantage of different types of discounts at West Coast Hunting Supplies Inc.
  • Members’ personal information are kept 100% confidential.
  • Members who expressed interests can choose to attend hunting events organized by the club or clubs’ members (locations will be notified once confirmed by the club). Members are responsible for their own expenses.
  • Free membership cards, as well as T-shirts, armbands and caps randomly.
  • When professional shooting instructors are invited for lessons, interested club members can apply and experience the new knowledge, techniques.
  • All members’ suggestions and advices are valued.


  • Members must be in compliance with the firearms regulations in the management of firearms and ammunition, as well as the relevant provisions of the club and shooting range.
  • Members must pay the required fees in advance of each event, if additional expenses occur during the event, the remaining difference must be paid right after each event.
  • Members shall work together to create an enjoyable club atmosphere.

All Silver/ Gold Member Applicant will need to complete the application process in
our Physical Store Location: #130 – 4200 No.3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2C2
This is Mandatory Requirement as we need to Verify Your ID and Produce your membership card, and also
You will need to pass a short training in order to receive your membership card
Thank You for your cooperation!



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Under NFA insurance Coverage
Take Advantage of discounts when shopping at West Coast Hunting Supplies Inc
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  • Please visit store for detailed information

Commonly Asked Questions

A. I am a member of West Coast Hunting and Shooting club, how long is the membership?

Membership is valid for one year from the date of entry. For example, Mr. Wang is a platinum member, whose membership date is February 14, 2016, his membership is valid until February 14, 2017. During this period, Mr. Wang can enjoy the exclusive benefits for platinum members.

B. Will the benefits I am enjoying as an exclusive member always be available?

Every year, the club will examine current projects, events, market conditions as well as members’ requirements and suggestions. Based on this, the club will make any necessary adjustments and post all relevant information on the club webpage. Any features and benefits of your membership guaranteed prior to major update will still be provided until your membership expiry date.

C. How can membership be upgraded or downgraded?

When you upgrading your membership, simply let us know your choice, then upon the due is paid off, you can immediately enjoy more privileges that built into your new membership level.

When your membership expires, if you wish to select options at the lower cost, the club will re-evaluate your membership and provide you with the benefits that correspond to your membership level.

D. How can I become a member of West Coast Hunting and Shooting Club? Do I need to apply?

Users can click on the “Join Now” bottom, and please complete the registering process, if you need assistance, please contact us.